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When Ved Mandir and Pathshala came into existence?

Following the unfortunate demise of Smt. Krishna Raheja (Mataji), in November 2007 Mr. Navin M. Raheja, Managing Director, Raheja Developers took upon himself to carry the mission and dream forward.

On 10th july 2009, three Pathshalas were opened at three different construction sites of Raheja Developers.

How many children are enrolled in these schools?

Current strength as on 1st Aug. 2009:
Ved mandir -120
Pathshala Navodaya - 42
Pathshala Atharva- 53
Pathshala Vedaanta-70

Since majority of these children happen to be the ward of migrant parents, their strength keeps on fluctuating.

What facilities are provided under healthcare and nutrition to these children?

Every morning children are served breakfast after which classes begin.

A free health check up for all children is conducted by Doctors every month and all required facilities extended to malnourished children.
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